Prp Treatment

PRP TedavisiPlatelet-rich plasma (PRP), also called thrombocyte-rich plasma, is a treatment method prepared from the person’s own blood and used in many medical areas.

With the aim of preventing hair loss, PRP is injected with fine needles into the areas where hair loss is experienced. It contains growth factors and proteins ensuring tissue healing. PRP treatment increases the number of platelets in blood. Blood is placed in special tubes and placed in a centrifuge at high speed. The centrifuge is used to obtain plasma rich in platelet cells.

We perform plasma treatment for our clients undergoing hair transplantation immediately after the procedure. The reason is that it provides more rapid healing of damage to tissue. PRP administered after hair transplantation ensures the implanted hair emerges more strongly and rapidly. It affects not just the implanted hair, but ensures the cessation or slowing of loss of the client’s natural hair.

It is necessary to perform the PRP method accurately to stop hair loss problems or achieve better success from hair transplantation. This can only be performed by people specializing in this field. The address for reliability and quality, Dymed clinic ensures success is reached with this treatment.


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