Painless Hair Transplantation Plus Treatment

Operation Procedure

icon1 Mean duration of stay 3 DAYS
icon2 Duration in Hospital
icon3 Duration of Operation 6-8 HOURS
icon4 Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
icon5 Recovery Duration 7-8 DAYS

How to wash after hair transplantation?

During the numbing procedure applied before hair transplantation, maximum 1-2 minutes of minimal pain may be felt. Clients nervous about this situation were afraid of hair transplantation and decided against the operation for years. The painless local anesthetic device without a needle developed with new technology in recent years has made the numbing procedure more comfortable. There is no needle at the tip of this device and anesthetic material inside the device is injected subdermally with pressure. No pain is felt during this process. Tissue previously numbed with the painless anesthetic device may be anesthetized again with needles. However, as the device provides 90% anesthesia, our clients may feel a little pain for maximum 1 minute in this stage or may not feel pain at all.

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The advantage of this device is that just as it brings pain sensation to minimum levels, it has no side effects. Our clients do not feel pain during or after the procedure. The process is more comfortable and pain-free compared to normal local anesthesia. It is frequently chosen these days for this reason. You can choose us for painless hair transplantation treatment, and you can gain your new hair without pain. Due to our new-generation technological devices, you can call and make an appointment at our clinic for painless treatment.

Why should you choose Dymed?

Dymed Hair Clinic is a clinic offering hair transplantation treatments for many years. This clinic ensures hair transplantation is performed with new methods and devices with upper-level technology, making it possible to transplant hair without pain. Additionally, Dymed Hair Clinic is home to the best hair transplantation experts. We’re chosen by many clients for this reason. Additionally, all hair transplantation treatments performed by Dymed Hair Clinic achieve definite success.


Before hair transplantation, specialists determine treatment according to the client’s needs. What’s important is not just the hair transplantation, but that the client strengthens the transplanted hair so it emerges healthily like their own hair. These treatments are specially planned for our clients undergoing hair transplantation. If necessary, plasma treatment, mesotherapy treatment, and spray supplementations containing vitamins and procapil are applied according to the client’s needs. Procapil assists withnutrition of hair, ensuring transplanted hair emerges more thickly and rapidly.


Not just hair transplantation, our clients receiving hair treatment see their own hair loss has stopped and their hair has been strengthened. Implanted hair has a life-long guarantee against hair loss. However, if our clients don’t support their natural hair, this hair may weaken and fall. This situation may require the client to undergo repeat hair transplantation. Repeated hair transplantation causes both financial and spiritual problems for clients. The only solution is HAIR TRANSPLANTATION PLUS TREATMENT. FUE hair transplantation plus treatment is one of the most effective hair transplantation methods that you can choose. FEU hair transplantation plus treatment performed in a fully professional way in Dymed Hair Clinic will assist you in gaining your new hair in the shortest time. If you want to choose the FUE hair transplantation plustreatment, just contact us.

What are the Stages of Hair Transplantation?

Painless Anesthesia and Collection of Grafts with Micromotor

Before the procedure, specialists determine the donor area where hair roots will be taken from and the area for transplantation. Firstly, the needle-free numbing process is performed with the painless anesthesia device. This device is an advantage for clients with needle phobia who don’t want to feel pain. After anesthesia, grafts are collected one-by-one with the aid of the FUE-micromotor.

Clients do not feel pain when roots are being removed. Hair roots, in other words the grafts, are counted and stored one-by-one in special solutions. During this process, great care is taken to obtain the grafts healthily without damage. Grafts may be single, double, triple, quadruple and even sometimes quintuple.

Removal of multiple roots at the tips of the grafts is a situation requiring experience and expertise. The success of hair transplantation is linked to the experience of the team and specialist.

Dymed Hair Clinic supports you with fully experienced doctors who are experts in the field. In this way, every type of operation is completed successfully and clients gain positive outcomes. You can choose us for successful results.

Opening of Channels with Sapphire

With today’s developing technology, the valuable mineral of sapphire has begun to be used as tips for FUE hair transplantation. Sapphire is smoother than other tips and minimizes tissue damage. Damage caused to tissues heals rapidly and no scars remain.

During FUE hair transplantation using sapphire tips, channels are singly opened with care. When opening the channel, the direction in which the graft will be inserted is determined. Graft orientations are given 20-30-degree angles toward the front, like natural hair. This ensures that the results of FUE hair transplantation are more natural and the implanted hair is concealed. The important point is the need not just for the hair to emerge, but that the density and orientations are accurately planned. Sapphire tips cause minimum tissue damage and do not create pits at the base of the transplanted roots.

Microchannels are opened best with sapphire tips. Hair roots are implanted into the opened channels. A smooth surface with antibacterial features minimizes tissue trauma when opening the channel due to physical properties like sharpness, durability and hardness.

Assisted by dense transplantation of grafts, a natural appearance is obtained with the hair density. Edema levels observed after the procedure are reduced and for this reason clients experience the process more comfortably in every sense. When hair roots are transplanted with natural angles within channels of suitable size, it is not possible for angles to change or grafts to fall out.

Transplantation of Grafts

As with every stage of FUE hair transplantation, the transplantation of grafts is very important. It should be performed under sterile conditions by health personnel with high expertise and experience. When implanting, no harm should come to the roots at the tip of the grafts. Grafts may be single, double, triple and even quadruple. When inserting grafts, the roots at the tips of the grafts should not be damaged. When inserting the roots, our clients feel no pain, as with the other stages of the process. Grafts taken from clients are inserted in the channels with the tissue transplantation method.

Analyses performed before hair transplantation by the hair transplantation expert determine how many grafts the client requires. The number of grafts to be transplanted may vary according to the size and hair density in the areas without hair and sparse areas of the client’s head. When inserting the grafts, special sterile forceps are used. Grafts are held so as not to damage the roots and inserted appropriately under the tissue. There are special techniques for inserting grafts and these are performed by an experienced hair transplantation team.


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What Requires Attention Before and After Hair Transplantation?

You can learn the answers to all your questions about hair transplantation.
  • Medications used by our clients before hair transplantation should be checked by specialists.
  • Medications with blood-thinning effects should be stopped at least 1 week before.
  • Smoking should be minimized; in fact, if possible, smoking should be stopped completely.
  • Alcohol use should be stopped at least 1 week before.
  • Medications used should be reorganized if necessary.

Each point listed above is important in terms of the success of hair transplantation. For this reason, attention should be paid to each point in order for the operation to be completed successfully.

  • For the first two days, the transplanted region must be carefully protected. It is necessary to avoid water for two days.
  • The transplanted region should be protected from blows and rubbing.
  • During sleep, a neck pillow should be usedif possible. If there is no neck pillow, it is recommended to sleep with two pillows at a 30-40-degree angle
  • First hair washing should be performed with observation of the team, or even by the team. Other washes can be done by the client at home after the washing process is explained in detail.
  • For 1 month, heavy sport should be avoided. Walks may be taken and there is no problem with a mild tempo run.
  • For 1 month, avoid entering hamams, pools, the sea and saunas.
  • For 1 week to 10 days after hair transplantation, alcohol should not be drunk. Smoking should be reduced.
  • All medications given after hair transplantation should be used according to specialist recommendations.
  • Hats, berets or hard hats should be used as recommended by the hair team specialist linked to the transplant region.
  • Sexual activity is not recommended for 1 week after hair transplantation.
  • Hair beginning to grow after hair transplantation should definitely not be cut with a machine for at least 6 months. It should be trimmed with a scissors.

What Is The Process After Hair Transplantation?

You can learn the answers to all your questions about the hair transplant process.
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Scabbing and mild redness may form in hair. The scabs will begin to fall in small pieces as a result of washing each day. In this process, hairs or tissue may fall out. This is completely normal. These are not the hair roots. The hair roots are below the tissue and it is not possible for them to fall out as long as they do not receive a large blow or bleed. For this reason, the first week is the most sensitive period. It is necessary to take care.

Scabs are fully healed and the descabbing process may be performed. Redness of the scalp reduces. If possible, the descabbing process should be performed in the clinic. If you cannot come to the clinic, you can easily do it yourself abiding by the advice given by the specialist.

Scabs have fallen and transplanted hair is growing. Pinkness of the tissue has nearly fully returned to normal. You are free now. You can sleep in any position you wish and touch the transplanted hair without fear. However, scratching with the nails should be avoided. Hair may be touched with the soft parts of the fingers and you can wash it as you wish. Within 15 days, loss of the transplanted hair will be experienced, called shock loss. Do not be concerned, this is a temporary process.

You now have a normal appearance and no one knows that you have had hair transplantation. You can return to social activities. However, it should not be forgotten that blows to the transplanted region should be avoided.

Our special hair treatment (plasma, mesotherapy, spray, vitamins) planned for hair emergence in our clients begins in the 2nd month.

Hair emergence generally begins in the 3rd month. Emergence may be observed more rapidly in some regions. Hair with different lengths may be tidied and cut with a scissors.

About 75-80% of hair undergoing transplantation plus treatment is emerging. For normal hair transplantation without treatment, 55-60% emergence may be observed. Hair begins to thicken and rapidly becomes denser.

90-95% hair emergenceoccurs. Rarely, growth in the crown region may take 18 months.

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Frequently asked questions

You can learn the answers to all your questions about hair transplantation.

Any individual without chronic disorder over 18 years of age may have these procedures performed. Before the procedure, the client’s disease history is taken and if the specialist deems them suitable, they are taken for operation. If there are disorders like high blood pressure or diabetes, the process before and after the procedure is planned accordingly and the client is given appropriate treatment methods.

It is necessary to attend with long hair before hair transplantation. The reason for this is so the specialist can more clearly determine the areas without hair or with sparse hair. After clarifying these areas, if appropriate for hair transplantation without shaving, this hair transplantation procedure will be performed. If you have a large open area not appropriate for hair transplantation without shaving, you will be taken for the operation after a full haircut.

The client is given anti-edematous drugs to reduce edema and swelling forming after hair transplantation. Edema is removed from the body by circulation within 2 to maximum 7 days.

Medications should be used regularly to reduce edema and for the body to recover more quickly, abundant fluids should be consumed, excessively salty foods should be avoided and an ice compress should be used on the forehead intermittently.

Hair transplantation is actually an organ transplant. It is necessary that grafts taken with tissue from the client are carefully removed without damage and implanted in the area without hair without damage. Unfortunately, there are clients who say that some, or even all, of hair transplanted in operations performed by an inexperienced team did not emerge. In fact, the greatest cause is damage to the graft during removal or implantation, or leaving the grafts in unsuitable conditions before transplantation; these grafts may not emerge.

There is no chance of hair not emerging after graft transplantation procedures, in other words, hair transplantation performed by experienced and expert teams

The transplanted hair begins to emerge from the day of transplantation. After the descabbing procedure (10th day), hair falls from the growing new hair before the 1st month. Under normal circumstances, hair begins to emerge in the 3rd month and fully emerges by 12-18 months. The treatment we apply with hair transplantation shortens this period further.

If you are not in a very hot environment due to where you work and if you don’t work by expending effort and sweating a lot, you can return to work when you wish after dressing on the 3rd day and the first wash.

If your working conditions are severe, you may begin to return to work within 1 week.

Numbing procedures are performed with local anesthetic before hair transplantation. Pain is not felt during or after the procedure.

Yes, you will have denser and stronger hair as a result of the hair transplantation operation. Treatments applied after hair begins to emerge in the 3rd month provide further strengthening. Along with the transplanted hair, existing hair appears to be fuller.

The permanence of grafts of hair obtained from regions that do not experience loss genetically performed by an expert and experienced team is lifelong. Your hair with hereditary baldness preserves the feature of not falling out no matter where it is transplanted.

For this reason, the only permanent solution to hair loss or baldness is hair transplantation.

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