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Dymed Hair Clinic, with 15-years of experience serving clients, is one of the largest clinics in Istanbul and in Turkey. Since the day Dymed Hair Clinic was founded, it has offered hair transplantation treatments with high standards.

Additionally, our clinic works with experienced doctors who are experts in the field. With smiling staff, Dymed ensures successful outcomes are achieved for clients due to our specialists. Abiding by international standards, Dymed Hair Clinic offers new-generation treatment with devices using the latest technology.

Dymed takes care to perform all types of hair transplantation, beard-moustache transplantation, eyebrow transplantation and hair treatment in a professional way. Our clinic is also a budget-friendly firm and offers treatments at prices clients can afford.

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Dymed Hair Clinic Application Techniques
Saç ekimi ve Uygulama teknikleri  hakkında merak ettiğiniz tüm soruların cevaplarını öğrenebilirsiniz.
dymed hair clinic ağrısız sac ekimi
Painless Hair Transplantationplus Treatment
During the numbing procedure applied before hair transplantation, maximum 1-2 minutes of minimal pain may be felt. Clients nervous about this situation were afraid of hair
dymed hair clinic safir perkutan saç ekimi
Sapphire Percutaneous FUE Hair Transplantation
Sapphire FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplantation is currently performed with tips produced from the very valuable mineral of sapphire during
Dhi Choi Saç Ekimi
DHI Choi Hair Transplantation
Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) means that hair is directly transplanted. In this method, grafts are collected by a medical stylus called CHOI,
Uykuda Saç Ekimi
Hair Transplantation While Asleep
Sedated hair transplantation is hair transplantation performed with administration of a small dose of narcotics. Sedation may be administered through
Kadın Saç Ekimi
Female Hair Transplantation
Hair transplantation is a permanent treatment method that positively affects all aspects of life for a person experiencing hair loss. Especially for women,
Skarlar Yara ve Yanık İzleri
Scars and Burns
Scars or burns occurring during childhood or later negatively affect a person psychologically. With hair grafts, the burn site or wound scar regions can be fully
Beard-Moustache Transplantation
As with hair transplantation procedures, in moustache and beard transplantationprocedures, roots are removed with the FUE technique and may be implanted in every healthy individual over the age of 18 years.

In situations where hairs are not present or very sparse in men’s beard and moustache region, people may be uncomfortable and psychologically affected. A permanent solution is beard-moustache transplantation.

sakal ekimi
Eyebrow Transplantation
yebrow transplantation is one of the treatment methods most chosen by women.

However, eyebrow transplantation is a surgical method that can be applied to men, not just women.
Women who regularly and continuously pluck their eyebrows may experience an event called lack of growth.

With eyebrow transplantation, it is possible to achieve the previous volume and thickness of eyebrows. Eyebrows may fall out due to trauma, burns or accidents. Eyebrow transplantation may be successfully applied for these patient groups.

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Hair Treatments

You can learn the answers to all your questions about Hair Treatments and Application techniques.

Saç Mezoterapisi
Hair Mesotherapy
The main causes of hair loss may be listed as inadequate nutrition of hair roots, inadequate blood circulation, stress and hormonal imbalances. For hair to be strong and healthy, the required hair vitamins may be applied directly to the scalp.
PRP Tedavisi
Prp Treatment
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), also called thrombocyte-rich plasma, is a treatment method prepared from the person’s own blood and used in many medical areas. With the aim of preventing hair loss, PRP is injected with fine needles into the areas
Vitamin ve Sprey Tedavisi
Vitamin and Spray Supplements
Before hair transplantation, the treatment required by the client is determined by a specialist. The important point is not just to transplant the hair, but to strengthen the client’s natural hair and for healthy emergence of implanted hair.

What is hair transplantation?

In areas where hair roots are weakened or inactive, hair loss occurs, and hair transplantation is the process of transferring healthy hair roots to the area without hair using micro-surgical methods. Hair transplantation is the addition of the client’s own healthy hair, coded against hair loss, to the region with hair loss. All hair transplantation operations should be planned specific to the person and applied with maximum density to the correct area.

If few or inadequate graft implants are performed for the region with hair loss, the emerging hair will look sparse. This situation may cause the person to lose confidence.

During hair transplantation, the client’s hair quality and the area for transplantation should be determined by specialists and the maximum amount of graft should be transplanted to the correct area.

Though hair transplantation is a medical method, results will be perfect when performed by specialists with high visual and artistic ability. The hair line being appropriate to the client’s face plays a large role in gaining a natural appearance after the procedure.

Currently, hair transplantation operations using the latest technology include pain-free hair transplantation methods under anesthesia or while asleep, ensuring the client experiences the transplantation process comfortably without feeling pain. Not feeling pain during and after the procedure is the greatest advantage of this process.


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Modern treatments are completed with the latest technological devices, we provide the appearance they dream of to our clients.

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Modern treatments are completed with the latest technological devices, we provide the appearance they dream of to our clients.



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