Hair Mesotherapy

Saç MezoterapisiThe main causes of hair loss may be listed as inadequate nutrition of hair roots, inadequate blood circulation, stress and hormonal imbalances.

For hair to be strong and healthy, the required hair vitamins may be applied directly to the scalp. This treatment enlivens the passive hair roots and supports the transition to the growth phase. Just as it can be applied to men, it is a treatment that can be applied for hair loss in women.

Hair mesotherapy involves a subdermal injection into the middle layer with the aid of fine-tipped needles. It is used not just for hair, but also for treatment of formations like cellulitis, facial rejuvenation, scars (wound sites) and stretch marks.

Mesotherapy treatment is applied by specialists in professional steps in Dymed Hair Clinic. In this way, all treatments achieve successful results in the shortest duration, ensuring you gain new hair and a new appearance. You can choose us for mesotherapy treatment.


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